Getting started with pyfileconf


Install via:

pip install pyfileconf


Some highlighted functionality.

This is a simple example:

import pyfileconf

Supported Objects

While the goal is to support as many objects as possible, the library has some limitations on what kinds of objects it can support. Note that support for all of these items are on the road map. Here are some of the currently known limitations:

  • Classes which do not define __init__

  • dataclasses

  • Functions or classes __init__ which use variable arguments or keyword arguments (*args, **kwargs)

  • Decorated functions where the wrapper in the decorator uses variable arguments or keyword arguments (*args, **kwargs)

Object Model

pyfileconf is made to work with existing functions and classes without modification, but it is possible to define certain methods on the class to modify how pyfileconf works with the objects. See PyfileconfBase for the available methods and what they do.

Other Known Limitations

There are limitations in the way you one work with pyfileconf beyond the supported objects. These are also on the road map to resolve over time so that (nearly) any valid Python is supported.

  • Functions and classes cannot be defined in config files (def and class statements. Other ways of creating them such as lambdas and using class factory functions work fine.)

  • Cannot do multiple inline assignments in config files (a = b = 5)